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LCG Charlotte

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LCG, Charlotte

LCG – Charlotte is one congregation of over 350 Living Church of God congregations in 50 countries. The Living Church of God also happens to be headquartered in Charlotte, NC.


To learn more about our efforts to preach the gospel to the world, please visit our “flagship” website, tomorrowsworld.org.


Who We Are

Our Mission

Our Mission is seven-fold. It’s based on biblical principles and directives and is something that drives us! It is something we’re...

Our Leadership

Meet both the local and international leadership of the Living Church of God.

Our Beliefs

Contents: The Church, its Name and its Mission The Holy Bible Who and What is God? The Holy Spirit The...

If you have questions or are interested in attending the Living Church of God congregation in Charlotte, NC, please contact:


Mike DeSimone


(770) 377-7329